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Redefining Men's Underwear
  • ​​​Deliver exceptional quality to our customers.

  • Craft the most comfortable underwear for men.

  • Enhance ventilation and promote hygiene for men. ensuring a more refreshing experience.

  • Reduce testicle temperatures providing better sperm quality.

  • Prioritize health, comfort, and style.


Welcome to King Style Underwear, where men's comfort meets innovation and style since 1999. We believe in offering you underwear that's as innovative, stylish, and as comfortable as you deserve. Our mission? To make you feel your sexiest and most sophisticated every day.

Explore our five series, from A to E, each boasting unique pouch designs tailored to maximize your comfort. Whether you prefer up, down, inward, or outward positioning, we've got you covered.

At King Style, we're not just about looks. We're committed to your health and well-being. Our sophisticated designs prioritize ventilation, comfort, hygiene, and elegance. Crafted from top-notch materials like Coolmax and Tencel, our undies come in a spectrum of vibrant colors and patterns, ensuring you feel as if you're wearing nothing at all—soft, fine, and breathable.

Whatever your day holds, King Style has a specific design for you. Series A and C offer upward positioning, reducing friction, and offering freshness. Perfect for office warriors or those spending extended periods seated.

Meanwhile, Series B and D cater to the downward position, ideal for active guys seeking ample space and ventilation, whether on the field or relaxing.

Originally from Taiwan, King Style has spread globally, reaching countries like America, Australia, and Japan. Even if we're not in your hometown yet, we're close by.

Every product is meticulously crafted in Taiwan by our quality control experts, with patented designs worldwide.

Praised on eBay and awarded Top Seller and Five Star Customer Service Awards in 2014, King Style thrives on positive reviews from bloggers and YouTubers. Your comfort remains our top priority.

For sophisticated underwear designed for every man, join us at Get ready to fall in love with King Style.


1999: Birth of the brand! We started from scratch, designing our unique products and building our production line in Taiwan under the name 'King Size.'

2000/2001: Our debut! King Size hit Taiwan's shopping centers, wowing customers with remarkable comfort and earning rave reviews during the summer season.

2002: Going global! We expanded into Japan and China, marking our international presence.

2003: Evolution into King Style! Rebranded with a focus on our patented designs, emphasizing comfort, support, and ventilation.

2004 & 2005: America, here we come! We introduced five series of built-in pouch underwear and expanded our production line.

2006 & 2007: Embracing the online world! King Style launched successful online platforms like Yahoo-shop and PC-home store, kicking off Taiwan's online sales.

2010 & 2011: Stepping into fashion! We made waves at the 'Taipei in Style' fashion show, collaborating with designers for innovative patterns and styles.

2014: Social media! King Style joined Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, achieving a 5-star seller award on eBay's Australia store with stellar reviews.

2015-2017: Expanding our online presence! We established our international and Taiwan websites, offering increasingly better customer support and product information. King Style also supported local communities and the LGBTIQ community through magazines and #MGFF17 brochures.


Now & Beyond: We're dedicated to elevating your experience! Expanding corporate offices and production line, we're committed to continuous design innovation, ensuring the best for you and your 'boys.'

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