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King Style Underwear

Series B: Down/ Inward

Contemporary Cotton Brief

Material: Cotton 95% Spandex 5%


Series B-Contemporary Cotton Brief

  • Introduction: Discover the perfect balance between comfort and support with Series B. Featuring the patented testicular pouch and a design that allows the penis to hang naturally downward, this series ensures a natural fit that caters to your body's needs. The shared pouch provides reliable support while maintaining breathability and ventilation.


    Features: Downwards position. Shared pouch. Excellent Breathability.


    Styles: Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Thongs


    Ideal for: Everyday wear, individuals seeking a natural fit, and those looking for all-day comfort with adequate support.


    Wearer Profile: Those who opt for Series B appreciate a natural and relaxed fit in their daily routines. They value comfort and support without compromising on ease, making it ideal for individuals seeking a more laid-back yet supportive underwear experience.


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