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Series C: Upwards Contemporary Brief

- All-in-one Pouch Design for Perfect Comfort Air Circulation 

- Avoid Unwanted Moisture and Odor 


Features: Upwards position. Separate pouch. Amazing Breathability.


Material: Polyester 92%. Spandex 8%

Oracle Bones Limited Edition Series C Briefs

  • Intro: Series C, the iconic classic in King Stlye lineup. This series combines the unique testicle pouch with a design that offers enhanced support and contouring for the entire male anatomy. With a focus on both comfort and aesthetics, Series C ensures you feel confident and supported throughout the day.

    Features: Upwards position. Separate pouch. Amazing Breathability.

    Ideal for: Those seeking a balance of support and style, individuals desiring a sculpted fit, and those who prioritize both comfort and visual appeal.

    Wearer Profile: Series C wearers prioritize both support and style. They're individuals who appreciate a well-contoured fit, seeking confidence and comfort throughout their day. This series suits those who value aesthetics along with optimal support.

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