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Series D: Down/ Inward: Contemporary Brief

- All-in-one Pouch Design for Perfect Comfort Air Circulation 

- Unrestricted Downward Space

- Avoid Unwanted Moisture and Odor 


Material: Polyester 92%. Spandex 8%。

Series D Limited Edition City Camouflage

SKU: CO-D4846-G
  • Introduction: Indulge in ultimate personalized comfort with Series D. Crafted with meticulous detail, this series offers separate pouches for the penis and scrotum, ensuring individualized support and maximum ventilation. The patented testicular pouch keeps your testicles separate from the body, providing unparalleled comfort and minimizing heat buildup.


    Features: Downwards position. Separate pouch. Amazing Breathability.


    Styles: Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Jock Straps, Thongs


    Ideal for: Those who prefer enhanced individual support, improved ventilation, and optimal separation between the penis and scrotum.


    Wearer Profile: Those who prefer Series D prioritize individualized comfort and superior ventilation. They seek personalized support and separation between their penis and scrotum for enhanced airflow and comfort, making it perfect for individuals looking for a customized, ventilated experience.

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